Does anyone miss the laughter and simplicity of childhood? If you ask me, of course I do. I miss the days when all I had to worry about was eating my favorite meal and watching my favorite TV shows (cartoons most times). I miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about taking responsibilities or paying bills and how all my needs were met on time just by shedding a few tears. Well, of course, who wouldn’t miss that? No one can deny how exhausting adulthood could be as it comes with some much responsibilities and problems but we all don’t have a choice than to keep growing. The fear of growing up and becoming an adult is very natural, therefore at some point, you will be expected by your peers or elders to be an adult rather than looking for ways to shy away from your responsibilities. In my own opinion, I think the use of the word “adulting” has been completely misused or let me say overemphasized. There is a complete difference between “Adulting” and “Adulthood”.

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Hi guys, welcome to my blog! I’m Toyosi, a Nigerian and a graduate of Biochemistry. I’m a fashion enthusiast with a big passion for travel. I love fashion, food and traveling. I like meeting people but m very lazy at going out. I love the comfort of my bed so much and very other little things that makes me smile such as coke, white roses, money!, laughter and beautiful memories. I’m an introvert and my basic goal is to be able to travel around the world someday.

I created this platform to share my basic knowledge and tips about life as a whole and my journey through it and also everything other thing available to blog about.

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